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WordPress Installation

Installation Options

Install from within WordPress administration: 

Select: Plugins   then Add New  then Upload Plugin 

Select the file you downloaded and upload the file to install.

Manual Installation via FTP:

Unzip the file and copy the rgeEditor folder into:

wp-content > plugins directory, then upload the rgeEditor folder to your server.

Activate your plugin

Select: Plugins   then Installed Plugins  - locate rgeEditor and select Activate 

Configure your plugin

Select: Settings   then rgeEditor Settings  

Most of the base domain and path settings are completed for you,  ensure you update the User Key.

Other key configuration settings can be updated such as your custom color palette, URL paths to any CSS stylesheets included within your website design and custom access group settings. The full configuration overview can be read in more detail within the Custom Install instructions.

Custom Links

To use the inject links setting within the configuration file by entering a chosen menu name from within Appearance   then Menus settings. You will then be able to chose links from your selected navigation menu from within the link parameters panel - protocol > local site page.

As simple as that...

You can now edit page HTML content using rgeEditor and use the resource manager to upload, edit or select images from within the uploads folder (as per the configuration settings).  The standard inline text editor will now be replaced with a 'Create New Editor' button that will launch rgeEditor. Click the revert to default editor option if your page / post consists of basic text as opposed to layout for quick editing in the default editor if you should require.


Download the rgeEditor for
WordPress 4.x in ZIP format

Download Now